We have been committed to research, development and innovation in our field.

Since our beginnings in 1927, when engineer Carlos Buigas began to develop the first ornamental fountains and water, light and sound displays, we have been committed to research, development and innovation in our field.

We boost our skill base by cultivating innovation and the knowledge acquired thanks to over 75 years of experience in the world of ornamental fountains.

R&D&i enables us to create value with our products and processes or improve our existing ones, giving us a clear competitive advantage.

From those early days up to the present day, our company has been developing specific systems and equipment to offer the client and endless supply of ornamental fountain possibilities, guaranteeing durability, low maintenance and maximum spectacle.

Some of our designs are:

Nozzles of many widely-ranging classes, made from high quality bronze.

Magnetic valves

Magnetic valves, both underwater and dry IP68 valves that can be adapted to all installation requirements, for both high response times (under 0.1 seconds of open-close time) and for slower times for other uses.

Engines and pumps adapted

Engines and pumps adapted and made efficient for each installation, adjustable coils, etc. for underwater equipment or for dry operating.

High-power LED projectors

High-power LED projectors with 6, 9, 12, 18 or even 36 colour-changing 3W LEDs, both IP68 underwater format and watertight model for features with engine rooms and Buigas skylights, guaranteeing spectacular lighting displays beyond anything else in the field. All stainless steel.

Control and regulation system

Control and regulation system for specific engines for pumps, valves, LED projectors and other equipment.

Own fountain control programme

Own fountain control programme, with or without musical shows.

Equipment for fountain

Equipment for fountain special effects, water screens, flame-throwers, laser displays, high-luminosity video projectors, fireworks, etc.

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